I’ve heard many smart technologically-obsessed healthcare professionals speak at Conference after Conference about how Google Glass will revolutionize the practice of medicine for both patients and doctors but it’s hard to take them seriously when they look like Jacques Cousteau wearing some custom-made contraption just before submerging to explore the depths of some faraway ocean which I will never visit. However, my mind was recently changed at “Doctors 2.0 & You” in Paris, France, when Google Glass Surgeon and “Explorer,” Dr. Rafael Grossmann, was kind enough to share a few minutes with me and explain what every medical expert seems to be sure of, i.e., Google Glass could be a powerful tool for “disruptive innovation in healthcare.”

By the way, the term “Google Glass Explorer” is actually a “term of art” in that these people sign up with Google to purchase Google Glass and then share their stories from using it. I applaud Google for being such a “thick-skinned” corporation focused strictly on making the best product possible and I am eternally grateful to the Medical Google Glass Explorers who are bringing to fruition all that Dr. Grossmann alludes to in this 8-9 minute Interview. Enjoy.

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