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Michael A. Weiss, a former entertainment attorney and MBA, is a Writer, Patient Advocate and Motivational Speaker who shares with patients, doctors, institutions and select medical research Peer Review Panels the positive “chronic patient” perspective he developed during his ongoing tumultuous journey with the pervasive and myriad effects of Crohn’s Disease, an incurable, autoimmune, Inflammatory Bowel Disease with which he was first diagnosed in 1984 at 21 years of age.

Perspective & Humor –Patient Tools

Despite the inherent unpredictability, often relentless ferocity and volatile side effects from last resort potent Immunotherapies and Biologic drugs used to stave off or soothe the numerous disabling systemic symptoms typically associated with Crohn’s Disease, Weiss has utilized a healthy “Perspective” as the ultimate Patient Tool to mentally meet these challenges. Not that he’s ever kept score of his innumerable medical adversities but they have included 25+ surgeries, 200+ hospitalizations, intimate, prolonged, frustrating and expensive interactions with the United States healthcare system and even a recent diagnosis of another incurable, autoimmune disease, Erythromelalgia, for which his extensive training as a professional patient makes him a worthy adversary.

While maintaining Perspective is the sword he uses to prevent incurable chronic disease from defining his identity, Weiss’ quick wit and creative sense of humor enables him to thrive above the abundance of medical absurdities bestowed upon him by an autoimmune disease whose most efficacious treatments typically come with new and/or worse symptoms requiring treatment decisions limited to selecting the best of only bad options despite the unremitting compassionate care of medical professionals.

A Professional Patient

The combination of Weiss’ adversity-defying life experiences, ever-evolving approach toward coping with Crohn’s Disease and Erythromelalgia, well-rounded formal education, perpetual voracious appetite for, and openness to, wisdom, no matter how unconventional its source or timing, along with his diverse and prolific professional endeavors enabled him to first become a respected and relied upon Patient Advocate in 2001 after publishing his critically-acclaimed and evergreen-relevant first book, Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patient.

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Global Patient Advocate

Initially developed during his 20+ years as an entertainment attorney and business affairs executive, Weiss’ communication and advocacy skills were honed during the nationwide publicity tour for the book when he appeared on numerous local, regional and national radio and television programming including NBC’s “Today Show,” MSNBC and WOR-AM.  With the fortuitous advent of healthcare social media, Weiss shortly thereafter launched a “Patient Perspective” Blog at www.hospitalpatient.com, the popularity of which quickly led to the global distribution of many Blog entries in print and online healthcare publications around the world.   The resulting international awareness afforded Weiss the opportunity to regularly attend, participate and speak at the most prestigious medical and healthcare conferences such as Stanford Medicine X (Stanford University, Stanford, California), Doctors 2.0 & You (Paris, France) and the Partnership with Patients Summit (Kansas City, Missouri).

Weiss is an honored member of The Walking Gallery of Healthcare and he is currently writing his second book, a fictional account of his real experiences as a Hollywood ‘Patient’ Insider.