To:   The Society of Participatory Medicine

Please consider this as my Essay in application to be granted a Travel Scholarship to the “Partnership with Patients Summit.”

I believe I am worthy of the Investment because I’ve dedicated my life to sharing my 30 years of extensive and diverse experiences with the incurable, chronic and autoimmune illness Crohn’s Disease to help others learn how to live with, and manage, their particular chronic disease.   By virtue of 20+ surgeries and 200+ hospitalizations, I’ve developed a diversified knowledge and experience base which I share with patients all over the world via my Blog (, Book – “Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patient,”  three (3) You Tube Channels (TheMedicalMinute, HealthCareReality and ProPatientTV) and my consistent presence on various other Health Care Social Media platforms such as Twitter where my “handle” is @HospitalPatient.

Furthermore, having battled Crohn’s Disease for 30 years and also becoming an Attorney and MBA, I offer a humble, funny, informed, respectful and overall unique “perspective” to ALL healthcare participants; i.e., patients, providers, researchers, and/or business executives.  To that end, I’d cherish the opportunity to share my perspective with others at the “Partnership with Patients Summit” so that we can mutually learn from one another and thus maximize what I believe is a technology-powered, grassroots Patient Movement for cutting-edge and cost-efficient healthcare delivered in a time- and cost-effective manner.  Then, when I return from the Summit, I can recycle what I’ve learned/experienced at the Summit through the various Health Care Social Media forums in which I actively participate for others around the world to consume.

Thank you for considering my application.