About nadine

“Chronic Illness Patient Expert” - I am a 51-year old Survivor of approx. Two Hundred (200) Hospitalizations and Twenty (20) Major Surgeries due to my 30-year battle with the Incurable and Auto-Immune “Crohn’s Disease,” which primarily affects the Digestive Tract but technically its Inflammatory Effects can infiltrate any body part from your Mouth and Eyes to the Rear-est of your Ends. Due to my Educational Background, Professional Experience and Knowledge of Health Care Social Media, I have been able to share my knowledge and experiences with other Chronically Ill Patients. More specifically, I have recently dedicated my personal and professional pursuits to the objective of helping other people Cope, Live, Love and Laugh with Chronic Illness and how to most effectively interact with and navigate the health-care system. I began communicating my experiences for the benefit of others in my 2001 Critically-Acclaimed Book, “Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patient.” I also report on Digital Healthcare via Video Interviews with Healthcare Leaders and Innovators at YouTube.com/HealthcareInterview, on Twitter @HospitalPatient and on this Blog.
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