Crohn’s Disease & Perspective

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Crohn’s Disease: 3-year old talks about his Dad’s illness

“I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb…”

It’s two (2) more years till Kindergarten, and I am already SO over Fisher-Price toys and smiling on-command every time one of my Mom’s friends talks gibberish to me just to make me like her.  Everyone does that to me; even my aunts and uncles.  I don’t get these people; just because I don’t […]

“Scars ‘R’ Sexy” Charitable Clothing Campaign

 This Video is my unique and heartfelt contribution to the  “Scars-R-Sexy” charitable clothing campaign run by RockScarLove.com.

People go through so many difficult ordeals in life and often the physical ones are memorialized by a Scar.  But, just as with everything else in life, it’s all a matter of perspective.  Some women playfully find Scars to be “Sexy” yet others see them as significant symbols […]

Crohn’s Disease Surgery: 17 Days “in the Joint”

On June 11, 2012, I was admitted to Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City for what was approximately my 17th surgery for Crohn’s Disease.  Like the crew and passengers on “Gilligan’s Island” who set out to sail on the “S.S. Minnow” for “a three hour tour,” I was told to be prepared to spend 5-8 days in the Hospital.  However, due to my extensive surgical history, I knew there was a good […]

What to ask before your 1st Crohn’s Disease Surgery

The Power of Crohn’s Disease

As a 49 year-old battling Crohn’s Disease for almost 30 years, people always ask me two (2) things:  1. What is so unique about Crohn’s Disease which makes surgery such a last resort?  2. Why has it been necessary for you to be hospitalized over 200 times for treatment of Crohn’s Disease?  The answers to these two (2) questions set up a […]

Dilapidated Hospital Wing, Co-Ed Hallway Patient Bathrooms & “Sleepers” – Growing up Fast!

“Sleepers” is the kind of Film invented to be the Prize unknowingly sought by Channel Surfers everywhere so they can finally put down the TV Remote and know they have struck Gold. Like that feeling you get when you are with the person you’d choose above anyone else and when there is no other place you’d rather be than where you’re at, […]

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