Crohn’s Disease & Perspective

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From Managed Care to ObamaCare to “Smartphone Medicine”

Healthcare Hashtags & Social Media Analytics Healthcare Hashtags & Social Media Analytics

After suffering through Managed Care and now living through remedial intended ObamaCare, the United States has entered the first truly exciting times of global healthcare.  The innovative spirit prevalent in the United States is due to the convergence of eHealth and mobile health, the emergence of healthcare […]

Must ePatients embrace mHealth w/ caution?

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First, the Music Industry was transformed by technology

Back in college, I was a serious music fan and collected “Albums” for the entire experience of reading the linear notes while listening, and possibly even using, the rare double album cover for more nefarious and deleterious purposes.  These days, at least one of those purposes is considered […]

Interview w/ World-Famous Gastroenterologist re: Crohn’s Disease, Colitis & Ulcerative Colitis

**Please understand this Interview with gastroenterologist, Dr. Mark L. Chapman, IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE and was conducted simply for informative purposes as Dr. Chapman is one of the “Medical Experts” on the Crohn’s Disease Documentary I am currently producing with my Charitable Foundation, “Crohn’s Disease Warrior Patrol”  (the “CDWP).  Therefore, if you have medical issues or questions, please consult with your own Physician.  

This is Part […]

Time, Money and Decision-Making w/ Chronic Illness

MAW PPP January 28 2013

You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They’re out of order! That man, that sick, crazy, depraved man, raped and beat that woman there, and he’d like to do it again! He *told* me so! It’s just a show! It’s a show! It’s “Let’s Make A Deal”! […]

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