He’ll be right in to see you

"He'll be right in to see you." “He’ll be right in to see you.”

“He’ll be right in to see you.”

      Your doctor appointment is scheduled for 5:30 PM and at 5:25 PM some very nice 30-something “small-business office attractive” receptionist leans into the waiting room calling out your name. For a nanosecond you think you’ve spotted flirtation in her eyes when […]

Pain Medication Agreements – Devil’s in the Details

Prescription Drug Overdose

The Devil’s in the Details

The “Numbered Comments” below correspond to the Numbered Paragraphs of the Sample Compilation Pain Medicine Agreement which is posted below in “bite-sized” chunks for ease of reference.  My Contract Comments are intended strictly to point out to patients who must sign these Agreements that many of the seemingly inconsequential first-appearing Patient […]

A Pain Management Doctor who should be a Radiologist!!

Recently I took my Mom to see her Pain Management Doctor.  As was the case the last few times she had an ordinary follow-up office visit, he was not there so my Mom was treated by a very thorough and kind Nurse Practitioner.  However, this time something was different about the office visit as it seemed the plan all along for the Nurse Practitioner to treat my Mom.  That probably would have been […]

Modernizing the Hospital Patient Experience

Perchance to Dream: Improving the Hospital Patient Experience

Earlier this week I was invited by Wego Health (whose unique corporate mantra is “Empowering health activists to help others.”) to participate in a videotaped Virtual Patient Panel to help the company ExperiaHealth (“Experia”) (whose corporate motto is “Humanizing the Healthcare Experience”) in improving the “Hospital Patient Experience,” and in this case, specifically […]

In-Network Doctors – Quantity over Quality

Last Friday, I went for an annual Ophthalmology “check-up.”  Since my Eyes are not my primary medical concern and I’m broke from all my other medical problems, I decided to “work my health insurance plan” to find a doctor and, in the process, take my own advice.  Mind you, while Crohn’s Disease and my Gut are to me what Kryptonite is to Superman (if you have never heard of “Crohn’s Disease Man” you […]

Physician and Patient; or Service Provider and Consumer?

I don’t “get” chronic Patients who refuse to see themselves as “Consumers” but rather as some separate classification of mere “Patient” and thus seemingly subservient to the never wrong (but usually late) Physicians or, worse, as a Person who’s been dealt some rough cards in Life and as a result should be treated by Physicians in some special standard required of a classification even higher than that of a Consumer.  Candidly, I think […]

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