“Your Crohn’s Disease will never affect our Relationship; but how you handle it will.”

This is a Quote from a former girlfriend of mine which proved to be quite prophetic regarding how I was to most effectively handle my auto-immune, incurable and extremely challenging chronic illness of 25 years, Crohn’s Disease.

With the wisdom from the often difficult “lessons learned” over the past 25 years, this Video succinctly explains how to handle the Social and Day-to-Day aspects of one of the most challenging and incurable chronic illnesses, namely, Crohn’s Disease.

This includes, but is not limited to, such issues as: Dating; When do you tell a new “relationship” (i.e. romantic, work, college, etc.) about your illness?  How much do you reveal?  Should the diagnosis affect which type of college you choose?  Should the severity of this “broad spectrum” illness” have any influence over your decision-making regarding choice of college, proximity of college to your home (and thus to doctors and to your support team) or to which career to pursue? etc.

This is a part of the “Crohn’s Disease 2-Minute Drill” Series of Videos which attempts to cover the above-referenced Title/Topic within the time frame typically afforded to National Football League Teams (the “NFL”) during exciting “2-Minute Drills.”  Granted, I occasionally go a bit over 3 minutes in length but with TV Timeouts, so does the NFL!

This Video, in different edited parts, is also a part of the recently launched Crohn’s Disease “TV Channel” on WEGO Health — one of the Web’s most popular Health Portal Sites.

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