MAW PPP January 28 2013

This is my RESPONSE to a woman in Australia, Kit Campbell, who claims Practicing Buddhism CURED her of 30+ years of apparent Severe Crohn’s Disease. This is the link for her article. Below is my Response just in case they don’t publish it.

July 20, 2013

Dear Kit:

Congratulations on apparently “curing” your Crohn’s Disease. From a humanistic perspective, I am truly happy for you since I have had Severe Obstructional Crohn’s Disease for thirty (30) years and I know how pervasive, painful, expensive and disruptive Crohn’s Disease and its autoimmune effects can be to one’s life and lifestyle. But I am a bit concerned by your stated (and promoted) belief that your cure for Crohn’s Disease is attributed simply to your devoted religious practice of Buddhism. If that is what made you feel better, that’s wonderful FOR YOU. However, preaching the practice of religion as a cure to such a potentially disabling and mysterious disease like Crohn’s Disease is patently irresponsible and insults the millions of struggling patients around the world who suffer from it and ironically pray every day of their lives for relief from Crohn’s Disease, better treatments or a cure.

As you know, Crohn’s Disease is a “broad-spectrum disease” so readers have no idea how badly you were relatively affected by your Crohn’s and thus there also lacks a background context for your medical and religious claims. For example, I have endured over twenty (20) abdominal surgeries and approximately two hundred (200) hospitalizations as a direct result of my Crohn’s yet my sister, who also has Crohn’s, has never even been hospitalized. Additionally, I, like many others, suffer, or have suffered, substantially from side effects of the numerous medications I take/took for Crohn’s Disease like Remicade, Humira, Cimzia, Prednisone, Imuran, 6MP, etc. This “double-whammy” of the treatment often being worse than the disease is a brutal characteristic of Crohn’s Disease which makes it especially difficult to manage on a chronic basis. Does Buddhism work just as well as a cure on these types of Crohn’s patients?

Anyone with Crohn’s Disease who reads your article or book will be happy for you because they generally know how much you’ve suffered based on your written representations. They may even learn a thing or two about a possible mind-body connection and how it can be used to HELP with possibly minimizing some effects of Crohn’s Disease. But claiming religion as a cure to a genetic incurable autoimmune disease is no more of a credible medical claim than representing that fans of certain soccer or football teams are better suited to being cured of Crohn’s Disease simply because of their allegiance to one specific team over another. I am not poking fun at how your religious cure has worked for YOU but I am mocking how insensitive such a claim is when applied to a mass amount of people with a disease like Crohn’s which even the most experienced and knowledgeable of doctors are still so far away from effectively and safely treating – not to mention curing. But I wish you continued PERSONAL success with your apparent effective approach to treating Crohn’s Disease. Please just distinguish your more wide-sweeping Crohn’s Disease Cure claims from your PERSONAL religious practices. Thank you.

Michael A. Weiss, Founder
Crohn’s Disease Warrior Patrol

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