When Matt Light of the NFL’s New England Patriots announced his retirement this past week, he also disclosed for the 1st time that he has been suffering from Crohn’s Disease for the past 10 years.   He described his battles with Crohn’s Disease as extremely painful and ugly, with pain so bad it was often paralyzing.  In fact, a 2004 surgery to remove 13 inches of his intestine combined with post-operative complications landed Matt in the hospital for 30 days during which his typical NFL Offensive Lineman weight of 316 fell all the way down to 260.  Yet, through it all, Matt persevered and appeared in Five (5) Super Bowls protecting Quarterback Tom Brady and winning three (3) of them.  Matt Light’s candor and brave account about how painful and serious Crohn’s Disease can be should go a long way toward raising the public’s awareness of this often pervasive, debilitating, painful and incurable chronic illness.

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