What follows via URL-link is a Written Interview I was privileged to be asked to do by Ms. Catharine Hinton of the UK-based company called “Work Life Spirit.” Ms. Hinton set up the Website to mark 20 years of her having Crohn’s Disease so that she could help other people with Crohn’s Disease by telling them about the things she learned, and continues to learn, about working and living with Crohn’s Disease.

My  Interview is called “My Chronic Career – Crohn’s and the professional hospital patient.”  Please check it out as Ms. Hinton managed to elicit some interesting and useful information from me regarding how I manage my chronic illness. You need not have Crohn’s Disease to benefit from the article – I promise.  A brutally annoying chronic illness will suffice.  Thanks. 🙂

Also, Work Life Spirit will be reviewing my Book,  “Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patient,” as it available for sale on Amazon.co.UK.  The Publisher sent them a Review Copy last week so I imagine it should be up on Ms. Hinton’s Website within a few weeks.