Crohn’s Disease is essentially defined as an incurable, autoimmune, inflammatory bowel disease or “IBD.” However, it is presently most effectively explained AS IBD instead of as “Crohn’s Disease” or as its own illness with its own very specific symptoms. I think Global Positive Social Awareness of Crohn’s Disease would be significantly expanded and enhanced if its “Awareness Campaigns” gave Crohn’s Disease its own identity thus forcing it out from under this “umbrella” of IBD.  Perhaps then people around the world would understand the often horrific nature of Crohn’s Disease as well as the pervasive and multifaceted effects it has on patients. These multifaceted effects include, but are not limited to,  medical, psychological, emotional, financial, professional, social and familial.  In that regard, I think following the lead of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns and also focusing on the everyday heroes who battle and successfully manage Crohn’s Disease might then lead to a more Fundraising-Friendly Global Identity.