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While the formal Medstartr.com CDWP” T-shirt Fundraising Campaign won’t start until next week (i.e., approx. Monday, February 18, 2013), you can purchase these beautiful CDWP T-shirts NOW for $25.00 EACH (that includes all Shipping and Handling charges for orders shipped within the 48 Continental United States.)  For International folks, there is a $12.00 additional Shipping Fee for the 1st T-shirt purchased BACK of CDWP Tshirt JPEG Jan 22 2013plus $2.00 for each additional shirt shipped in the same International Order.

I trust you understand we are trying to keep all costs as low as possible to ensure that each purchase is essentially a “Donation” to this Non-Profit venture which has applied for Charitable Foundation 501 C 3 Tax Exempt Status with the IRS but such coveted designation can take approximately 4-6 months to achieve.  This is why we are selling T-shirts in the interim to help defray the enormous start-up costs we must incur.  In that regard, your help at this early stage of the CDWP’s development is GREATLY APPRECIATED.

By now, I’m sure you are familiar with the CDWP and that it is premised on the simple concept of “Patients helping other Patients is the best Medicine.”  Accordingly, by purchasing CDWP T-shirts you will become part of the Global “Health-Care-Social-Media”-powered “Patient Movement.”  More specifically, you will be helping Crohn’s Disease, Colitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients all over the world.   This Unique, but Simple, “Warrior Patient Approach” of veteran or Warrior Crohn’s, Colitis and IBD patients helping the newly diagnosed or IBD “Patients-in-Need” is explained IN DETAIL in the 10-minute Video below (which is an integral part of the MedStartr.com Proposal).  So please try and watch as much of the Video as possible because I have been told it most accurately conveys the potential severity of these incurable, autoimmune diseases and the logic behind using experienced patients to help newer patients cope with these difficult diseases.

To purchase T-shirts, simply click-thru the hyper-linked “Order Form” below and complete it with the specifics of your purchase then click on “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the “Order Form” and then kindly pay for the T-shirt order via Pay Pal to the CDWP’s PayPal account @ CrohnsDiseaseWarriorPatrol@gmail.com.  I have pasted a hyper-linked PayPal image below to help facilitate that process.  Once I receive the Order Form and verify payment, I will ship the T-shirts to you.  Thank you for your kind consideration and support.



CDWP T-Shirt Order Form

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