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Thanks to a generous and talented Uncle/Graphic Designer, Stuart Fishman, above are the 3 Logos for the Crohn’s Disease Warrior Patrol (“CDWP”).  We will soon be selling these T-Shirts to help Raise Awareness of the CDWP Project and to Raise some funding to move the CDWP Project along as it has literally become a nationwide Grassroots Patient Movement thanks to the “word-of-mouth” assistance from the various Health Care Social Media platforms.  To that end, I anticipate having these T-shirts ready for sale in 2-3 weeks, at the latest.  Don’t worry; I will get the word out. There will also be additional CDWP Logo licensed products used to help raise Awareness and Funding but it’s all a little “overwhelming” now and I must proceed methodically.  But I am incredibly thankful for the support!

From southern/northern California, New York City, New York State, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, Arizona, Philadelphia, Minnesota, St. Louis, Seattle, Colorado, Cheyenne, Wyoming, Ontario, Canada and MANY points in-between, veteran Crohn’s Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (“IBD”) patients have been kind enough to INSTANTLY SIGN-UP on our website to offer up ANY kind of help they can, in their geographic part of North America, to both the newly diagnosed or to patients hospitalized with these so often misunderstood, painful and difficult autoimmune diseases.

The willingness of veteran Crohn’s and IBD patients to so quickly share what they’ve learned and experienced during their respective “journeys” has been inspirational.  It proves my hypothesis that:   Patients helping other Patients is the BEST Medicine.”  For that, I thank you and encourage you all to tell your friends to SIGN-UP as fellow veteran “Warriors” at or at @CrohnsIBDPatrol.  (Please Note:  ONLY I receive these emails and tweets). 

When you do SIGN-UP, it is helpful to include your contact information including locale, age, Crohn’s/IBD “situation,” etc. so I can make the most logical and effective MATCHES between veteran “Warrior” and current Crohn’s/IBD Patients In Need.

If you are a current Crohn’s Disease or IBD Patient IN NEED (or a friend or family member of a Patient IN NEED), please contact me by one of the following methods:

Tweet – @CrohnsIBDPatrol

Email –


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