This is Number One (1) of FOUR (4) short Videos re: the viability and implementation of the Biologic drug “Entyvio” to treat Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, the 2 most common Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). These Videos are the result of my March 29, 2016 interview with Dr. Mark L. Chapman of the IBD Center at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC. Dr. Chapman is an IBD EXPERT in every sense of the word as he is 1 of ONLY 2 or 3 still-practicing Gastroenterologists who were trained by the illustrious Dr. Burrill Bernard Crohn whose advancements in gastroenterology enabled him to identify the disease which bears his name.

Dr. Crohn (by his achievement) and Dr. Chapman (by his actions, knowledge, compassion and heart) have been incredibly important in my life.  It certainly was no fun growing up in hospitals in different states as I went to college then business school and then law school and had catastrophic experiences with my disease at every stop along the way but with overwhelming adversity came prodigious “daily” clarity and that “BS Detector” has served me well, at least with respect to the people I’ve been privileged to call my friend.   To that end, I was recently asked to write a Book Binder Endorsement for a very cool book on Crohn’s Disease written by a witty, creative, British Crohn’s Disease patient, Kathleen Nichols.  I liked the Book very much and I remember highlighting her actual words from the part about “Relationships” because she NAILED IT by writing: “Fair-weather friends are little to no use to Crohn’s Disease patients, as we often require an umbrella more than sunglasses.  Snow shoes over sun lotion.”

Kathleen’s take on “Relationships” when you have Crohn’s Disease is so DEAD-ON because it conveys the harrowing life of Crohn’s patients and the resulting clarity gained through adversity which whispers in the ear when it’s time to wean out relationships to only the ones with whom supporting them NO MATTER WHAT is a no-brainer.  [Go Your Crohn Way by Kathleen Nichols ]

I’ve not written in some time due to my health problems and then having to attend to my Mom’s, and in due time I will explain, but for now, please understand I am a 30-year Crohn’s Disease patient and Dr. Chapman has been my gastroenterologist throughout my entire disease journey which has included approximately 20+ abdominal surgeries, 200+ hospitalizations and many surgeries for numerous “peripheral” manifestations of the disease which have occasionally even been life-threatening.  Dr. Chapman has ALWAYS been able to figure out ways to treat my Crohn’s Disease such that I never had to forgo my dreams and in the process I’ve learned a great deal from him.  These Videos are my opportunity to share Dr. Chapman’s knowledge with the world.

Please share your thoughts about the Dr. Chapman Interview with me, including ideas you have for future interview subjects. Thank you.

Please share your thoughts about the Dr. Chapman Interview with me, including ideas you have for future interview subjects. Thank you.

When my health permits, the overall goal is to add all of my interviews with Dr. Chapman to a patient-driven IBD Documentary produced by an IBD Charity I founded called, Crohn’s Disease Warrior Patrol, or “The CDWP.”  You’d be amazed at the number of IBD patients who’ve signed up to help others with IBD once I formed a charity to organize such services.  These people have such important knowledge about their experiences and sometimes, “IBD patients helping other IBD patients is the best medicine.”  God bless them.

I hope to edit and post Video Number 2 (of 4) next week and it will cover the ways in which Entyvio is being used most effectively to treat Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.  I will also be writing much more often now that my right shoulder is finally healing from extensive surgery in January, 2016 which rebuilt my biceps muscle, repaired the torn rotator cuff and rebuilt my AC Joint so that it no longer is “bone-on-bone” and brings me to tears whenever I try to raise my right arm or pick up anything with my right hand.  Now I just cry when I think about our upcoming Presidential election!