“Goin Down the Road Feelin’ Bad” is one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs and its title and lyrics were my inspiration for trying to help with a very serious problem Patients face when they know something is wrong with them but they cannot get it diagnosed or it takes years to be properly diagnosed and then treated.  Medical Tests don’t pick up these problems, your symptoms are not consistent with any “textbook” diagnosis and then Doctors with the best of intentions start questioning whether your problem is more psychological than physical.  This is when beloved Friends and Family Members start to chime in, again, with the best of intentions and with your best interests at heart, and that’s when the often marathon-like time-frame and usually lonely path of seeking this seemingly elusive diagnosis and then getting it properly treated can have long-lasting emotional effects.  In many cases, the emotional distress and mental torment, of what I refer to as the “Journey to Medical Diagnosis,” can be more serious than the underlying physical/medical problem which initiated the Journey.

In the almost Thirty (30) years of battling the auto-immune and incurable “Crohn’s Disease,” I have had MANY of these difficult to diagnose problems and in some cases Medical Professionals erroneously were too eager to attribute them to my perplexing Chronic Disease when the typical Diagnostic Tests were Negative and my symptoms simply didn’t match up with anything else.  However, I ALWAYS “Listen to my Body” and it tells me to refuse to accept such “textbook” and vague approaches.  That’s when I started to seek ANSWERS.

At first, I failed a few times but was wise enough to learn from my mistakes.  But each time I went on this Journey, the one constant which proved to be determinative of success was my unflinching resolve in “Listening to my Body.”  In this approximate 7-Minute Video, I share what I have learned so that you will have success in ultimately getting diagnosed and treated and hopefully you won’t have to suffer the emotional effects typically caused when you embark upon this Journey down the Road to Medical Diagnosis.  While it is not always possible to stave off ALL of these emotional effects, I am sharing tips and Patient Tools that will enable you to at least be aware of them so that you or a Friend or Family Member can help you keep them “in check.”  Part 2 will be posted next week.