I created this PowerPoint Presentation for an “Ignite” Speech at the “Partnership with Patients Summit” recently held in Kansas City, MO.  An “Ignite” speech is one with Twenty (20) PowerPoint Slides; but each can only be shown for Fifteen (15) seconds.  It is more like an “Improv” art-form which when done well results in a succinct 5-minute speech that educates the audience about a topic with which they were unfamiliar.  It is also fun to create and fascinating to watch the styles of other Ignite Speeches since they are usually presented by several different people at a Conference or at an Ignite Get-Together.   If you’ve never heard of Ignite Speeches, check out these taped Live examples. Please also note it was the first Ignite speech I had ever prepared and I am not the most gifted PowerPoint operator!
In terms of my Ignite Presentation, it is predicated on what I believe is a technology-powered grassroots Patient Movement called Health Care Social Media (#hcsm on Twitter).  I used my 30 years of experience with Crohn’s Disease to walk the audience through how Health Care Social Media could help them if they are ever diagnosed with a chronic illness.  My slides and points ranged from broad education to specific engagement with other Crohn’s patients to even suggested coping skills.  For example, I  included some Podcast information on “The BS Report with Bill Simmons,” an ESPN Podcast with “Sports Guy” Bill Simmons because listening to my favorite podcast helps me “cope” when I am hospitalized for Crohn’s.  It’s the power of a familiar voice amidst the chaos of the hospital setting that makes me feel like I’m at home listening while taking a walk or trying to relax which makes the inclusion of such a slide therapeutic. I also broadened the scope to show how it is very easy to find patient communities for Rheumatoid Arthritis and even ones regarding general patient advocacy like CNN’s, “The Empowered Patient.”
I learned a great deal by putting this together and also by taking in the styles of the other presenters.  I can’t think of the last time that happened so I’m looking forward to my next Ignite speech.  By then, I will hopefully have mastered how to properly “size” Screen Grabs so they convey the message I’m trying to communicate!  So, enjoy the Presentation and I beg you to just be “creative” and keep in mind that it was “15 seconds and onto the next slide,” whether I was ready or not. 🙂
In any event, my Ignite speech should make you a more Assertive and Empowered Patient.