As most of you know, we launched the Crohn’s Disease Warrior Patrol a few weeks ago and the Volunteer Response from ACROSS the US and beyond has been INSPIRING.  It’s incredible how such a simple idea evokes the generous spirit to help other patients going through what you’ve already experienced.  Crohn’s Disease “Warriors” have signed up to volunteer for the Crohn’s Disease Warrior Patrol from Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Seattle, Cleveland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wyoming, Ontario, Canada, Brazil, New York, Long Island, Los Angeles, San Francisco and all places in-between.  Please consider SIGNING UP or SUPPORTING US.  Thanks.

Below are short REAL “testimonials” which demonstrate the PASSION of these selfless Volunteers who make up the Crohn’s Disease Warrior Patrol.

I am constantly learning about myself through this disease and others with it.  If I can be of help to anyone and experience other IBDers, what a gift! – Honolulu, Hawaii

I have wanted to help others for many years now and this would be perfect!  Landsdale, PA

I feel that there is a need for this type of help to talk to patients facing a new diagnosis of IBD and Ostomy.  I would love to help in any way I could.  Mobile, Alabama

I would love to share my experiences or just listen to others vent or talk it out. Just be there because I understand & have been through most of it.  Bethpage, NY

So glad that I ran across this new program.  My CCFA support group just discussed how awesome it would be to be able to visit newly-diagnosed IBD patients, even in the hospital, as most have never heard of it and are likely “freaking out” about their diagnosis.  Niles, MI

I feel this is such a great program for people that are scared and alone in the hospital. Even if they aren’t alone, it’s of paramount importance that they talk to someone with this disease-at least that’s my opinion. Doctors and nurses can only empathize to a degree.  Greensburg, PA

Would like to sign up to be a Warrior and help those worse off than me!  Bridgewater, NJ

I would be willing to be a Crohn’s Disease Warrior (“CDW”) and visit hospitalized patients. There are a lot of us IBD’ers here. If I can help, please let me know 🙂  Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

I am very seasoned & qualified to do visits to new patients. Please let me know if I can help.  Central Michigan

I would like to go and visit Crohn’s patients in the hospital.  Fort Collins, CO but I could also visit between Cheyenne, WY, and Denver, CO.

I would Love nothing more than to give back and take even an ounce of degradation/humiliation from a fellow Chron-ee and prove it WiLL be alright!! I have been looking for a program exactly like this and I HoPE that I can help in any way!! Los Angeles, CA

I would be happy to visit, support, run errands for anyone in the hospital.  San Francisco, CA

I am a 38 year old Crohn’s patient, diagnosed 10 years ago and live in the Seattle area. First I would like to thank you for such an awesome idea! I have spent many nights in the ER or hospital room, alone and honestly I can’t even imagine being a child going through this!  Seattle, WA

I’d be happy to share my story with people recently diagnosed or ongoing patients so that they can see there is “life” with Crohn’s. It’s not always easy but I’ve learned that attitude goes a long way!  Long Island, NY

I have visited Crohn’s patients in the hospital many times to help them before or after a surgery. Just to be there to listen, talk, teach, cry – whatever it took to let them know they are not alone.  Cleveland, OH

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MAW PPP Dec 21 2012