(Please note these “new” and “future” treatments discussed by Dr. Chapman apply to BOTH Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.  Ulcerative Colitis is not listed in the title above simply due to space constraints.  Dr. Mark L. Chapman is the only remaining practicing gastroenterologist who was trained by the late, great Dr. Burrill Bernard Crohn, who in 1932, along with Drs. Leon Ginzburg and Gordon D. Oppenheimer, first identified the disease which eventually bore his name. )

      There are at least over 160 genes involved with the formation and progression of Crohn’s Disease.  Some scientists have identified over 200 of such genes and if that proves true, Crohn’s Disease would involve more genes than any other disease.  But in this March 29, 2016 Video Interview, Dr. Mark L. Chapman of the IBD Center at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City discusses the recent breakthroughs in genetics, epigenetics, molecular biology and immunology which are giving rise to new and future, safer and more efficacious, Inflammatory Bowel Disease treatments such as Stem Cell Transplants, JAK Inhibitors, Stelara, Interleukins 12 & 23, Anti-Adhesion Strategies involving ICAM-1 or MadCAM1, IL-23 inhibiting drugs, Fecal Transplants and even Medicinal Marijuana.

     (The Video starts with Dr. Chapman answering a very specific, but important Viewer Question from a woman with a complex Crohn’s Disease case who wonders about her ability to take the Biologic drug Entyvio after she had contracted the fungal infection “Histoplasmosis” while taking each of the anti-TNF Biologics.)

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