Getting the Proper Diagnosis can be a grueling process when you have symptoms that don’t fit into a typical category or all traditional diagnostic tests all prove to be negative.  Medical Professionals then “pile on” by trying to help you but ultimately standing behind these time-tested diagnostic tools.  It is at that point when you decide to embark upon a “Journey” of sorts the end of which you hope will give you the answer you need to be correctly diagnosed and successfully treated.  But that Journey can be lonely, expensive and LONG.  It can also have Emotional Effects upon you and those you love.  You will be told to “give up” or “it’s in your head” but you know you can’t and that it’s not.  You “Listen to Your Body” and, for what it’s worth, no one knows what it means better than you.

This Video shares the lessons I’ve learned having successfully gone down this Journey to Correct Medical Diagnosis.