Sandra Lee’s story is detailed in the MedStartr Crowd Source Funding Project listed above and here’s the REAL PHYSICAL DILEMMA:  Fifty-One year old (51) Sandra Lee worked for MANY years despite having Severe Crohn’s Disease for 37 years but over the past few years, starting around the time Hurricane Katrina destroyed her home, job and medical records in 2005, Sandra Lee’s condition worsened to the point where she now also suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis with SEVERE & DEBILITATING joint pains in addition to her Crohn’s Disease which keeps her in the bathroom 30-50 TIMES A DAY.

Here’s the real Bureaucratic problem – I am spelling this out more clearly in my Blog because people don’t seem to be responding to our desperate plea and I think it is because I think they don’t understand the absolute helplessness of Sandra Lee’s situation.  More specifically, when I first posted this in the various Health Care Social Media platforms, some well-intentioned people couldn’t understand why Sandra Lee wasn’t at least getting Medicaid thus enabling her to get some money to see Doctors but the problem is that she keeps getting denied Medicaid benefits because the government says she should qualify for “SSDI” because she is Disabled but she cannot prove she is Disabled because she can’t afford to see the doctors who would render her as such.  It is unproductive bureaucratic circular reasoning or a “chicken and egg” scenario at its most classic implementation.  

Accordingly, we are trying to help her get “some” money so that she can either be treated and get back to work OR she can get the Disability documentation required so she can apply for the appropriate government programs.  She is stuck in the middle of a bureaucracy and NO-ONE WILL HELP HER.  This is why the Crohn’s Disease Warrior Patrol has stepped in.  So, PLEASE click through to the Project, watch the Video and/or read the Text and then PLEASE help us – help Sandra Lee. Whether it is a $15 or $45  TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION or a $75 or a $125 TAX-DEDUCTIBLE Donation (each one getting you cool t-shirts and whatnot), PLEASE try and appreciate Sandra Lee’s plight AND HELP US —- HELP SANDRA LEE.

“Patients helping other Patients is often the BEST MEDICINE.”  Trust me, YOU will one day need the help of a fellow patient so why not “pay it forward NOW?” 

Thank you for your kind consideration.  🙂 

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