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Here’s a few more Video Interviews I was able to conduct at the recent “Doctors 2.0 & You” in Paris, France.  They run the gamut from chatting with the Executive Director of the “sister conference” of Doctors 2.0, namely Stanford Medicine X (Dr. Larry Chu) to gaining a hands-on understanding of Connected Health and Quantified Self (Christian Funk), the two (2) “hottest” fields in “disruptive healthcare.”  In that context, “disruptive” is a POSITIVE TERM in that it represents efforts aimed at changing and improving the healthcare “patient experience,” which obviously has much to improve upon.  I’ve also included interviews with two  (2) extraordinary people who are singlehandedly making major impacts on methods of effective Patient Advocacy (Seth D. Ginsberg) and Lifestyle/Preventative Medicine  (Dr. Liana Lianov).

I’ve also included a fascinating Interview with Crohn’s Disease patient and frequent Keynote Speaker, Michael Seres.  Michael stands out because in 2011 he was only the eleventh (11th) person IN THE WORLD to undergo a small bowel transplant and the 6th to succeed.  His contemporaneous blogging of the transplant experience (his blog is “Being a Patient Isn’t Easy!,”) was so accurate and inspirational that it is now considered a Patient Manual and Required Reading by the global Intestinal Transplant Association.   Finally, this Blog entry would not be complete without an interview with Thomas Lee of Symplur about “The Healthcare Hashtag Project” which is so instrumental in helping shape the health care social media discussion. Somehow, Thomas and Symplur make Twitter healthcare “analytics” fun and more importantly, these analytics help hardworking, dedicated healthcare entrepreneurs, disease experts and advocates most efficiently target their message to its intended audience.


This is an Interview with Dr. Larry Chu about digital health and this year’s Stanford “Medicine X,” taking place September 5, 2014 through September 7, 2014.  Dr. Chu is the Executive Director of Stanford “Medicine X,” a leading healthcare conference which explores how emerging technologies advance the practice of medicine, improve health and empower patients to be active participants in their own care. It is the formal “sister” conference to Doctors 2.0 & You.  Dr. Chu is a practicing physician who runs the Anesthesia Informatics and Media (AIM) lab at Stanford University. He is an Associate Professor of Anesthesia on the faculty of the Stanford University School of Medicine.

This is Interview is with Christian Funk, project manager for the Germany-based company, Medisana, about Connected Health & Quantified Self.  Christian Funk has been a prolific creator in the area of mobile health but four (4) years ago he started helping to develop and market Medisana’s award-winning “VitaDock” series of Connected Health and Quantified Self devices and applications.  As a result, he is considered an Expert in these fast emerging Global Healthcare fields.

This Interview is with Seth D. Ginsberg, President, Global Healthy Living Foundation, Inc., about Online Patient Communities and Organized Patient Advocacy. Seth Ginsberg is often referred to as “America’s Patient Advocate” and a special adviser to tech start-up companies that are engineering solutions for today’s healthcare- and education-related problems. He is not only the president and co-founder of CreakyJoints, the arthritis advocacy organization and world’s most popular arthritis community, he is also a member.

This Interview is with Dr. Liana Lianov and delves into Lifestyle & Preventative Medicine. Dr. Liana Lianov is a Senior Medical Consultant at the California Department of Health Care Services and the Immediate Past President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She is Board Certified in Preventive Medicine and Internal Medicine, completed a Psychiatry fellowship, and is a national leader in the Lifestyle Medicine movement. Lifestyle Medicine promotes healthy living not only to prevent, but also to treat, chronic diseases. You can learn more about Dr. Lianov’s efforts at Healthtype.com.

This Interview with ePatient Michael Seres is about Life as an engaged ePatient with a Small Bowel Transplant. Our recorded conversation at 2014 “Doctors 2.0 & You” included his account of his unique patient blog journey, his thoughts on what constitutes a successful blog, how he continues to advocate despite formidable day-to-day medical struggles inherent in any transplant or chronic disease situation [i.e., Crohn’s Disease] and he also offered his fascinating insights regarding the subtle differences between this Medical Conference and its “sister” Conference, Stanford Medicine X, held each year at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

This Interview about Healthcare Social Media Analytics & the Utilization of Twitter Healthcare Data is with Thomas Lee, Co-founder of both Symplur, L.L.C. and “The Healthcare Hashtag Project.”

By way of brief background, Mr. Lee is also Managing Partner of The Fox Group, LLC, an internationally-based healthcare consulting firm.  Mr. Lee’s nearly four decades of experience in the business of healthcare includes special emphasis on business start-ups, new program development and leveraging web. His current passion is the role social media plays in the evolving healthcare landscape, and in the emerging field of healthcare social media analytics.  Thomas also teaches university level courses and has been a frequent guest lecturer to doctoral level students on the subject of healthcare start-up businesses and entrepreneurship.