The Guest Blogger is my 76-year-old Mom, Bernice Weiss. She is passionate about this issue and as a result she composed a thoughtful Letter to President Obama. My Mom reads the Letter in this Video and I have pasted it below.

July 23, 2011

Dear President Obama:

I understand that raising the debt limit trying not to raise taxes and satisfying both houses of Congress is one of the toughest tasks so far for the leadership of this great country.   I am not a genius and I do not pretend to know the solution to the problem facing the deadline to avert default.  However, I am 76 years old and still work 2 days a week at my job in New York City all the while paying Social Security Tax, not receiving Cost of Living Raises for the past 2 years, watching my salary disappear on the cost  to me of Medicare and my healthcare.

I write this to you because I cannot understand how the United States has not followed the lead set forth by the Governor of New Jersey.  Why hasn’t the United States sought to adjust the ENTITLEMENT of the Congress and passed a Bill that would have our Congress pay 50% of the cost of their healthcare?  Perhaps then maybe our Representatives would understand the plight of the Senior Citizen who is now being threatened by cuts in Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. Unless you experience it, as we do daily, you do not feel the pain of the cut in Benefits.  Accordingly, I believe if any entitlement should be cut, it should first be that of the Congress of the United States.  It is a good job with many Benefits, least of which is the Rolls Royce of Healthcare, that they enjoy at no cost to them at all.

I mean no disrespect but my question seems so simple.  I don’t understand why this has not been raised so far in any of the news T.V. stations which have on educated Guests and Pundits who all offer their opinion on a solution, but no one has touched on the sacred cow, Our Congress.


Bernice Weiss