ObamaCare is looked upon both positively and negatively as the end-all / be-all of Health Care Reform in the United States.  It is politically charged and subject to nationwide debate and likely repeated judicial challenge.  However, it need not be divisive as it seems to have actually inspired and triggered other significant Healthcare reforms and Healthcare entrepreneurial advancements via legitimate Free Market Solutions, namely, “eHealth” [Electronic Health] and “mHealth” [Mobile Health].  This Video explains this interesting and ongoing technological development in Healthcare Reform.

This is part of my “Two Minute Drill” Series of Healthcare Videos.  The phrase is taken from the NFL, i.e., US Professional Football, and refers to that intense time of the last 2 minutes of the end of the 1st Half, or of the Game, when teams use a no-nonsense carefully timed 2-Minute Drill to most efficiently move down the field to score points.  With Television Commercials, the 2-Minute Drill is often takes 10-15 minutes of “Real Time” and that affords me the ability to still use the phrase when my succinct Videos are sometimes 4 to 9 Minutes in length.  I hope you enjoy the Healthcare Content and that it provides you with mental stimulation and creative inspiration.

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