The motto above comes from the company Wego Health which counts among its primary assets, “Patient Influencers,” whom they empower to help bring about positive change in both the business and practice of Medicine.  I am one of those “Patient Influencers” for “Crohn’s Disease” and “Managing Chronic Illness,” and I recently had the privilege of interviewing its CEO, Jack Barrette, at a Pharmaceutical Social Media Conference in New York City to find out how such a “Patient-centric” company operates.

After spending only a few minutes talking with Wego Health’s Jack Barrette, it’s apparent Wego Health envisions Patients as possibly the most valuable resource in Medicine today. How Wego Health utilizes these “Patient Influencers” to help a myriad of people, professions and industries within the catch-all of “the practice of medicine” is the focus of our discussion.

 Jack Barrette, CEO
Wego Health
180 Lincoln Street, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02111