In this  episode of “The Healthcare Interview,” Liz Boehm, Director, Patient Experience Collaborative, Experia Health, is asked about “The Patient Experience” by “professional” patient, Michael A. Weiss.

Experia Health, a subsidiary of Vocera Communications, Inc., is a proactive company whose team works with organizations around the globe to bridge the gaps in “the healthcare experience,” restoring and revitalizing the human-to-human connections to improve patient outcomes from a variety of perspectives. In plain speak, they strive to: “Humanize the Healthcare Experience.

In this 7-minute Interview, Ms. Boehm shares her smart insights and refined expertise on the status of “the healthcare experience,” the almost PTSD-induced pressures faced by dedicated healthcare workers and explains cutting-edge Patient Social Media communication tools such as and  She also details the makings and importance of what could be the first successful “closed” or “secured” social media platform for “authenticated” adolescent hospital cancer patients, presently being tested at the prestigious Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre in The Netherlands, for whom ongoing and safely monitored communication with one another has been made possible.