Secondary Erythromelalgia diagnosis journey

rh-3 October 5, 2016 – “Secondary” Erythromelalgia or EM makes my hands and fingers so red that they BURN like Frostbite. EM is also referred to as “The Man on Fire Syndrome” because it literally feels as if your hands and fingers are on FIRE. It is extremely RARE and INCURABLE – at least by traditional means. Lovely.

October 7, 2016 – I have not been […]

Patient Tips re: Pain Management Medicine

This Blog Post is the third in a 3-Part Series on the Practice of Pain Medicine from a Patient's Perspective. This Blog Post is the third in a 3-Part Series on the Practice of Pain Medicine from a Patient’s Perspective.

I find this medical specialty uniquely interesting because it is experienced by patients with all sorts of different diseases, ailments and pains yet there is still no […]

The Patient’s Perspective re: Pain Medicine Agreements

(This the first of three (3) Posts about being a Patient in the medical specialty of Pain Management.

Post 1 – Educate Patients about the issues involved with selecting the Pain Management physician right for them;

Post 2 – I will provide comments to the clauses contained in the below Sample Compilation Pain Medicine Agreement for the purposes of […]

Dr. Greenbaum, Rheumatologist – WORST DOC of the YEAR!!!!

December 4, 2012 – I came upon this Blog Post late last night when a respected Patient Advocate Colleague of mine, Casey Quinlan, had re-tweeted it with the added commentary that, “it’s only Monday but here’s my pick for Douche of the week.”  First off, I apologize to those who are offended […]

Chronic Illness & Dependency on Narcotic Pain Medications

With Chronic Illness usually comes chronic pain.  There are many ways to deal with Pain but the most effective and immediate methods usually involve Narcotic Pain Medications.  However, the Medical Practice of Pain Management is extremely complex and Narcotics can sometimes create a chronic problem all unto itself as the Patient battles to stay within the confines of “Dependency” as opposed to “Addiction.”  This Video explores this difficult chronic reality through the personal […]

Ingredients for Change – The “Voices” of BOTH Student College Athletes & Medical Patients

With Student Athletes at Mainstream Collegiate Athletic Programs, the time has finally come for them have a “Voice” in how their rights are established and managed.  The sad reality is that breaking new ground with their rights will be as realistic as seeking sympathy from the devil.  But given how much money they generate, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (the “NCAA”) will soon have to at least “go through the motions” of listening […]

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