Healthcare Innovators from Doctors 2.0 & You (2014)

This Interview is with Dr. Jacques Durand, Founder of the hospital patient picture-sharing “app” called “HospitalPIX” and BlaBlaDoctor, the first global health social network committed to provide independent hospitals and treatments reviews.  Dr. Durand is a practicing French physician based in South East Asia but he’s also a Social Media Expert and has devoted his life to advancing healthcare […]

What are the most Effective Patient Tools for Today’s “Assertive” Medical Patient?

From Twitter to Facebook to Google/Yahoo Key Word Alerts and Groups and the technological conveniences of Smart Phone Memory Chips and Health Care Mobile Phone Applications (or “Apps”), the 2012 Assertive or Empowered Medical Patient has much to count on in terms of Patient Tools.  This 4 Minute Video provides an Overview.

**An slightly abridged version of this Video appears on my CNN iReport site


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