Effect of “Google Health’s” Demise – Commentary by Michael A. Weiss

The main ramification of “Google Health’s” demise is the realization that Health Care Social Media is a Patient-Driven Medium. As Medical Professionals contend with bureaucratic Licensing Board Rules, Ethics Guidelines and Legal Issues each time they Tweet, Patients are only constrained by the limits of their own sense of Privacy.

Thanks to the phenomenal Social Media success demonstrated by the Iconic Band, The Grateful Dead, Patients have a Proven Business Model to follow and they, unlike “The Dead,” also have Technology at their disposal to super-charge these Health Care Social Media Tools. The result will be Patient Communities which create Instantaneous Databases of Shared Information and Experiences that will bring back a sense of “Efficiency” to Health-care.

Doctors and Hospitals will benefit from these Determined Patients and together Heath Care Social Media will level the “Medical Playing Field” such that Payors and Health Insurance Companies will see their monopolistic-like influence replaced by Efficiencies put into place by the true Suppliers and Consumers of Health-care “Services.”